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Kayak à Treignes

Kayak à Treignes
  • Kayak à Treignes


Rue Eugène Defraire
B-5670 Treignes (Viroinval)

Tél. : +3260399224

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Do you want to try out kayaking or canoeing in a peaceful setting off the beaten track? Starting from Viroinval, there are three different routes that reveal the region’s natural beauty along the Viroin river. Routes for everyone: Dourbes-Treignes (20 km), Olloy-Treignes (13 km), Vierves-Treignes (7 km). You can go in your own kayak, canoe or inflatable dinghy (max. 3 people). Kayak or canoe rental for different routes. Option of being dropped off at the starting locations. Due to climate conditions, some water bodies may not be navigable in kayaks.